Monday, 3 January 2011

WorldVPN started 2011 with new services

WorldVPN started new year with offering new services . We added new servers in EU with high quality and stability . Ireland,Finland,Czech Republic,Russia is new locations that we added this new year .

We start to offering OpenVPN this year that contain higher security and be more stable . now we are offering OpenVPN in Russia and we will happy if you help us with your suggestions and updates .

Today we offering from 18 countries VPN services(USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Russia) .

In USA we offering from 12 states VPN services (San Francisco, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Chicago, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York) .

We hope update us with your advices to improve our services .

Thank you for choosing WorldVPN .